A life inspired by my grandmothers




I have three passions in my life, art, food and gardening.  This blog came about through my passion for baking and cooking dishes with the produce from my garden.  This blog is dedicated to my grandmothers Alice and Phyllis.   Alice, my paternal grandmother was of the old school, and it was her that taught me to appreciate good solid cooking and laying out an old fashioned tea table.   She was a staunch member of the countrywoman’s institute and I think was president for a while.  On the other hand was my maternal grandmother Phyllis, she taught me about baking in the grand style.  Every holiday when we were visiting she would take us kids to various restaurants around Wellington and we could choose from the menu whatever we liked.  Also every weekend she would take us to a particular cake shop in Cable Car Lane and we could pick out a sumptuous gateau!  I don’t really remember her baking but I do remember her delicious desserts.  She was an avid vegetable gardener and liked to grow unusual vegetables, something which I think I have inherited from her.

Like all foodies, I have a secret desire to write a cookbook.  I have never done anything about it, because let’s face it there are hundreds of cookbooks out there, so you would have to be something special to make it as an unknown.  It was while I doing a photo book for a family reunion through Blurb.  It dawned on me; I could self-publish and distribute the book around the family, especially as I will be using family recipes as a theme.   Where to start.  Der!  I am a committed blogger ( on my art and garden (  The garden blog has had a lot of recipes creeping in and less of gardening!  For a while I have not been particularly happy with Blogger and so here was an opportunity to try WordPress.  So my goal to post at least one recipe a week and that way I will build up a number of choices for my cookbook.


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  1. Hi there, thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I’m looking forward to reading yours. I’ve got the cookbook writing desire too! And I’d love to hear what you think of WordPress compared to Blogger. Looking foward to checking out your garden blog too. Sue

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