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Apple and Walnut Cake


My recipe today is Apple and Walnut Cake. A cake that my grandmother Alice used to bake regularly



½ cup butter, cut in small cubes and softened in microwave

1 ½ cups flour self raising or if not add 2 teaspoons baking powder

¼ teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon baking soda

¾ cup sugar2 eggs beaten

½ cup milk

1 teaspoon vanilla essence (opt)

1 cup chopped apple

For streusel topping

½ cup brown sugar

2 teaspoons cinnamon

½ cup walnuts

3 tablespoons butter



Blend butter, sugar and remaining dry ingredients till well combined.  Add eggs, milk and vanilla if using, mix till combine and then add apples.  Spread into tin .  Make topping by either chopping walnuts up small and mixing with melted butter spice and sugar, or by whizzing in food processor.  I prefer the first option as the walnut pieces are larger and sink down into the cake creating a lovely marbling effect. The second way the mix stays on top of the cake. Sprinkle the streusel mix on top and bake at 180 degrees C. for 40 minutes.


I haven’t always liked apples.  It is only in the last 10 or so years that I have started to appreciate them.  I was mulling over this fact when I suddenly realized why.  As a toddler I spent a lot of time with my maternal Grandparents.  On one visit, my Grandparents realised that I was very quiet, so went in search of me.  There, in the wash house they found me.  I was siting amongst apples that covered the floor, each apple had a bite taken out of it.  There were about three apples left in the crate!  Apparently I turned to them and said in a bewildered tone, “They are all sour!”  Needless to say that night I had a bad case of gripe, and kept them up all night with my groans and wails.  It is a different story today, I love apples. 

 I pruned my apple trees today,  I woke up realizing that July was flying away on me.  (It’s alright it’s a southern hemisphere garden.)  Not too soon. I noticed that the buds were starting to swell.  I have a Fuji, my favourite of all time and a Golden Delicious.  I want to get a green cooking apple, I really would like a Bramley, but I have never seen them for sale in NZ.  So will probably make do with a Granny Smith, which are lovely baking apples.   I’ll have to get my skates on as I want to buy a bare rooted tree as you can determine its shape right from the beginning.

Here is a photo of some jonquils flowering alongside my driveway, a lovely bit of colour to brighten up the dreary weather!



Author: Sharon

Live in New Zealand, with three cats. I have three passions, cooking art and gardening.

3 thoughts on “Apple and Walnut Cake

  1. Oh this sounds so yummy!! If you love recipes you will love the Mennonite girls cook…they started a blog that turned into a book deal!! Love their recipes!!

    Fuji is one of my favorite apples to eat, perfect crunch, a touch of sour…. When I was a kid we had transparent apple tree…they make the very best apple pies ever…in fact we have to buy some soon because they are only in season a short while…They taste like a cross between a granny smith and a golden delicious! I ate a granny smith apples every single day of my pregnancy!! lol I rarely eat them now…stick to mostly fuji or similar to fuji!!

    As a kid I spent the whole summer picking apples off the ground and peeling them for the freezer!!

    Hugs Giggles javascript:void(0)

    • Thanks Sherrie, That transparent apple sounds interesting never heard of it, must ask about it at the nursery, when I go and pick out my new aspple tree.

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